Our team we proud to be animals lovers. 

As you know Spain as a high numbers of abandon, neglect, and abuse animals, we are keep in touch with APA is a small group of  voluntary people working endlessly to rescue and re home as many dogs in this area, they have help us with many dogs and cats troughs the time . And that means the constant raising very needed money to cover veterinary feeds, medications,shelter,  food etc.

We want to offer a small contribution of  5 euros monthly from each customer staying  with us, and 10 euros per every painting job offer to us as well. 

here is the link of they FB blog

APA NERJA Rescue Dog Blog

and the link of FB page of the second hand shop in Nerja 

APA Nerja Charity Shop

You are welcome to made any donation in person to the charity shop or direct to the veterinary where they have an account, Just said is for APA  ,  the vets are located just in front of the second handshop.